Delivering Segmentation that Works

If you have read this far into the site, you don’t need to be sold on the value of segmentation.  You pick the customers to talk to, customize experiences and communications, they respond, have a better impression of you and your brand and a stronger long term relationship.  Positive word of mouth and advocacy follows!  Yes, we think it’s that simple, but not without hard work.

Knowledge of your business, your data and previous marketing learning are critical to successful segmentation and simplicity is key to implementation.  What good are 19 vaguely described segments that all seem the same?  We always recommend to start small and evolve over time.  Learning accumulated through testing, research and finally clustering techniques will fill in the gaps, but they are truly not required when a company is just starting out. 

For a sophisticated user, we have the experience in creating market segmentations on attitude and lifestyle data, linking it to your database and customizing strategies to help you take advantage of the market opportunities your competitors will never acquire.